Working with a network of recognised financial professionals, is the first organisation to select the best and proven personal investments accessible globally regardless of your nationality or residency and bringing more than 7% annual return.

We help you make your own selection and introduce you to the recognised & accredited financial institution.
Currently our investments opportunities range from 10k to 500k in USD and EUR but we are always finding new great products that are globally accessible no matter where you live !
Our team is constantly looking for proven and successful opportunities, so do not hesitate to share with us your top investments here.

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  • Managed Funds

    A managed fund is a financial product that buys a number of shares and other investments such as property, term deposits, and cash.  The buying decisions are made by expert managers. When you buy units in a managed fund you are spreading your savings across a range of shares or other investments within the fund. […]

  • Savings / Deposit

    Savings accounts or Term deposits with major banks are one of the most common and least risky ways to store your money for the short term.  Credit unions and building societies also offer savings accounts. When you deposit money in an account you are lending it to the bank, which pays you some interest in […]

  • Crowdlending – 10%

    Lend to US real estate investors against full mortgage on the property for an annual rate of 10%.

  • Real Estate – 7% to 9%

    We select and display buy-to-let properties over 7% return in various countries. Whether you’re seeking rental yields or capital growth, investing in property is hard work. We look at whether you can really make buy-to-let investing work for you. If you are considering buy-to-let as a serious investment, then you’ll probably want to know one […]

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