post-title About our partner Assurance Vie

About our partner Assurance Vie

About our partner Assurance Vie

About our partner Assurance Vie

Number one on French market

The website “” is the property of « C è d r e Patrimoine” broker, and possess all the certifications established by Law to exert its advisory mission.

This is the first thing to know about that entity, which is made to provide a large range of solutions in France, actually the largest of the country, maybe in Europe. In few years, it becomes the number one, by moving from 3 referenced Luxembourgian contracts few years ago, to 12 nowadays.


Life Insurance Luxembourg : Affordable and safe

These products are open to French people, foreigners, expats and even non-residents investors, and affordable from 12,500 euros, which make it reachable for all kind of investors. One of the great assets of these products is that it’s paid directly by companies, so there is no fees, hidden or not for investors who got unlimited management options, allowing a good flexibility, to get the best fit for each investors.

Making that in the state of Luxembourg is a way to enjoy the fiscal neutrality of this state, with great advantages. That company also offered a good safety to be sure that our client could be sure about the quality of the investment. They are targeting a good return with low volatility, depending on which investment you will choose among all that they offer; there is also a lot of guarantees for investors, including a see-through process to be aware of the way they do what they do with that much efficiency.


A competitive service

In the field of investment, there is a high competition between a lot of companies, banks or internet insurance traders which offers good services, and works hard to make the difference by offering a high quality service, with fields specialists dedicated to investors, leading them from the beginning and for all steps of the investment, able to answer to every questions they might have, and find a tailor-made solution for those who need safety, flexibility and guaranteed return.

This is a summary of how much they can do for their customers to get their full satisfaction, and remain on the top of their field, making the best to offer a very competitive service.

Make the first step by getting in touch with them is the best way to learn more about what they do, and to get a chance to experiment why they are number one on their field, and why they keep opening more and more Luxembourgian contracts every week.

Find more about our partner on


We made a selection of various investments that are available to all investors from around the world and can give you good yields. Check for more detail about life insurance in Luxembourg and to contact our partners for free advices.

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