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Here is a selection of top P2P lending / Crowdlending platforms that offer investors the opportunity to invest directly in peer to peer loans either from consumers, from SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) or from both.

Platform Average net returns Likeliness of default Choice of projects Total loans granted Ease of use of site Summary
8.6% Modest Exceptionally wide € >1bn Excellent The world’s largest P2P marketplace offers a huge number of choices to build a truly diversified portfolio.
9% Modest Exceptionally wide € >1bn Excellent The world’s second largest P2P marketplace
16% Very high Exceptionally wide € 20-100m Very good Excellent choice if one builds a very large portfolio of loans to reduce risk.
7.5% Modest Very wide € 0.1-1 bn Excellent On average higher returns than on related consumer finance sites.
6% Modest Very wide € 0.1-1 bn Excellent Interesting choice of fixed return based on investment time, as well as auction-style rate setting.
5.2% Modest Very wide € 0.1-1 bn Excellent Building a diversified portfolio should result in attractive after-risk cost returns.
6.7% Significant Very wide € 0.1-1 bn Excellent Germany’s largest P2P marketplace
8% Very low Acceptable € 0.3-0.5m Excellent Good returns for limited risk
6% Modest Very wide € 20-100m Excellent Relatively new P2P lending site, expanding fast in Germany and across Europe.
8% Low Very low € 0.3-0.5m Very good Strong fraud protection processes and tools promise very attractive net yield.
6% Low Very low € 0.1-0.3m Very good Low risk infrastructure and asset based investments.
7% Modest Wide € 10-20m Very good Historically very mixed results with risk costs higher than returns in some years but promising focus on invoice financing since end 2013.

Generally, the peer to peer loans of a site will be safer and thereore less likely to default if a high percentage of p2p loans is being rejected.