standard-title US Property Loans CrowdLending – 10% Annual Return

US Property Loans CrowdLending – 10% Annual Return

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A new and easy way to lend to businesses and receive high returns

There are individuals real estate investors in USA that are buying and selling properties. To get the most of the sale, they usually do some repairs or upgrades and the time between their purchase and their resale varies between 3 to 12 months. The value of the properties range from 80k to 250k USD and the investors profit is around 20-40% on each “flip”. This profit is explained by their knowledge of the market and ability to have direct access to properties sold by banks or discounted properties that need repairs. This activity requires a lot of cash to hold the properties for this amount of time and there is a certain limit that the banks can lend. The investors are therefore willing to get a mortgage on the property for an annual return of 10%.

In all those operations, your money goes from your account to the Title company and then back to your account.  

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Why should I try Property loan crowdfunding?

It’s safe

The businesses offering loans are carefully selected by experts, only accepting qualified companies


It’s strictly controlled

The risk profile of every Investors as well as the properties they invest in are strictly controlled.


It’s regular income

The repayment schedules are on a fixed monthly schedule, including both the principal repayment and interest. Your money is never locked up for the entire duration of the loan.

It’s secure

Transactions are handled with bank-level security and companies seeking larger loans guarantee the loan with personal guarantees.


You make the decision

It is you who choose what Business you lend money to, taking into account your risk profile and profit forecast that suits your expectations.


Solid revenues

Loan-based crowdfunding lets you earn up to 10% in interest (annual effective rate) by lending money to companies you choose and wish to support.

How does it works

Step 1 : Investor has found a good property for sale in USA for 110k. He thinks he can make some upgrades (20k) and then resell it for 160k. He is considering making 30k of profit but needs to take a short term loan to realize this profit even if it means having to pay 5-10k of interests.

Step 2 : We look at the property details, the neighborhood and how much it can potentially be sold in order to determine how much of the house value it is safe to lend. (50% to 80%). We mainly work with a small group of known investors that have already a proven track of repaying their mortgage. A lot of details are available online in the US (previous prices, estimate…) so it is easy to verify details on the properties online on or

In this case, we think the house can be safely sold for 140k and advise to lend 80k. (This cover the risks if the markets suddenly drops or if there is an issue with the investor)

Step 3 : You transfer the money to the Title company in charge of the sale (we never send money to the borrower) who is going to record the mortgage officially. You are the only mortgage of the property which means that in case of default, you own the full property (even if you only lend 50% of its real value). You are now virtually the owner of the property and it can’t be sold without your consent. This can be verified on the county public records online by anyone. As an example, Here is the site for the Dade county.

Step 4 : The investor will then pay the interests every month directly to your bank account (666,67 USD = 80,000 x 10% / 12). There is usually not a fixed tenure for the loan so we don’t know how long it will last but the average is 3-8 months. There is always the possibility for you to exit a loan, we just need a few weeks to find somebody else to transfer it to.

Step 5 : When the investor wants to sell the property, you will have to sign a paper for the Title company in order for the sale to be agreed. The Title company will authorize the sale, get the money of the sale and repay you back. In case there was still some interests not fully paid by the investor, this is agreed with the title company who add the sum to the repayment.

Step 6 : At the end of the year, we can help you to fill US taxes on this income.

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What should I consider before lending money to a company?

There are several factors that you should take into account before lending money to a company. Consider your risk tolerance and your expectations about what income you want, as well as consider what company you wish to support.

What amounts can I lend to companies?

You can lend anything between 20,000$ to $200,000 to investors seeking loans on the platform.

How does the security for loans work?

For all the loans,of any size, the title company will record the mortgage under your name against the property.

You will be virtually the owner of the property and it can’t be sold without your consent. In US, all records are online and this can be verified on the county public records online by anyone.

Worst case scenario, in case of default, we can help you rent the house (if it is not already tenanted) for roughly the same amount as the orignal repayment, until you decide to sell your house.

What criteria do companies have to meet in order to seek loans on OurBest platform?

We will advertise on the platform only Investors that have a previous history with us with no incident.

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