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Origin of our best investments

Created in 2014, started as a collaborative tool for a few friends to share their top investments success and ideas.  We are now a collaborative start-up with the ambition of quickly become leader in wealth management recommendation globally.  Surfing on the Fintech wave, we are receiving a lot of interests and help from experience leaders in the finance industry which makes the content very rich and trustful.


Mission of our Fintech startup

Our Mission is to select the best and proven personal investments accessible globally regardless of your nationality or residency and bringing more than 5% annual return.

We help normal individuals to have access to the same financial opportunities than wealthy people.


Business Model

Our website does not provide any financial services or transactions. We are also not employed under any financial institutions and we currently do not write any specific recommendations for people to invest in. You always need to do your own due diligence to make educated decisions.

  • We don’t get paid to promote any content on the site which doesn’t bias our judgement.

  • We don’t get pay (and you don’t pay) when you get more information on any investment by clicking on the site.

  • For some of the investments, if you end up having a transaction with the financial institution, we will get a referral fee that will be totally transparent to you from the start. Those referral fees are standard in the industry and don’t add any cost to you even if you go directly to the source.

We are even considering cutting our margin by given you back part of the referral fee to give you cheaper access to the investments than anywhere else.

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